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3 min readJan 2, 2022

What will our social interaction be like in the future? Recently, our living space has been expanded by metaverse, a parallel space of the physical world. In the metaverse, all the circulating data, digital assets, and contents are all reflections of those in the real world. Also, they are strongly connected to their real counterparts by complementing each other. Given the rise of the metaverse concept, the exploration of online social interactions has been carried out to create a decentralized environment for communication.

After fully embracing the metaverse, TrustBase has built a virtual exhibition hall in Decentraland. Meanwhile, its community building has been improved to explore more user-based ways of social interaction.

The TrustBase exhibition hall is in industrial style, decorated with pink neon lights and fashion garments from TrustBase. In particular, Gorilla Matrix, the community mascot of TrustBase, can also be found in the hall. There are TrustBase merchandises hanging at the door of the hall. These merchandises will serve as important connections with the real world. For instance, TrustBase POAP holders can have a chance to get a real item of clothing.

Gorilla Matrix in the middle of the hall is the Polkapets of TrustBase, representing courage and power, with an innovative and adventurous spirit.

The hall background is equipped with many TrustBase NFT posters showing the circulating NFT in the TrustBase metaverse, which is an attempt to develop derivatives of IP digital contents.

There are parties everywhere in the hall. In such an environment, it is expected that every community member can express his or her ideas at will to build the hall collectively. In the hall, you can meet members from different countries with the same purpose. Indeed, no member blacklist is set in this place as a global social platform characterized by its full decentralization.

Everything in the hall is open-source, including its building designs, functions, and business operation. As the metaverse exploration of TrustBase continues, under the DAO governance, the hall will be turned into a space for social interaction with diverse functions for increasing the TBE applications.

The following applications will be explored in the hall:

● l Metaverse entertainment and activity center

● l Blockchain game center

● l TrustBase social platform

● l TrustBase NFT Market

● l Metaverse billboard

TrustBase Metaverse

The TrustBase exhibition hall will serve as a Web3.0 platform transmitting the brand value of TrustBase, which will keep developing products of metaverse applications in various sectors. Hopefully, the exhibition hall will become a new landmark in Decentraland, building TrustBase into a more influential brand by making every community member proud of it.

Here is the link for you to visit the TrustBase exhibition hall:


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