Vote for Gorilla Matrix, the highest reward 6666 TBE

The TrustBase Gorilla matrix event received enthusiastic participation from users at home and abroad, and the community received a total of about 7,000 Gorilla matrix group photos. Thanks to every user who participated in the event.

After the consensus reached by community members, ten best group photos of Kuba stood out and accepted the public vote. Group photos are based on the first principle of meeting the requirements of the event, and rankings and rewards are won according to the number of votes.

Best Group Photo

Photo NO. 1
Photo NO. 1
Photo №1


Photo №2


Photo №3


Photo №4


Photo №5


Photo №6


Photo №7


Photo №8


Photo №9


Photo №10


The deadline for voting is 12:00 on August 23. If the number of votes for the works is the same, they will be ranked according to the time when the works were first submitted.

TrustBase NFT Exhibition
TrustBase thanks everyone for your love and support for this event. TBE airdrop rewards will be issued within three working days.

At the same time, TrustBase will specially plan an NFT exhibition for the ten best group photos. It will explore the Metaverse with Gorilla matrix and form a unique Gorilla matrix community culture.

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.