TrustBase’s first Metaverse exploration has come to a successful conclusion

TrustBase’s first Metaverse exploration has come to a successful conclusion

The Metaverse airdrop event initiated by TrustBase lasted for 5 days and is now officially over! From the launch of the event, we took everyone to find Gorilla Matrix in the world of Cryptovoxels, guided everyone to take group photos, and finally participated in voting to select the most beautiful group photos.After three days of public voting, the Gorilla Matrix event finally selected the winners of the awards. The list of winners and awards will be announced next.

【Gorilla Matrix Strength Award】



Reward: 6666 TBE

【Gorilla Matrix Popularity Award】



Reward: 3333 TBE



Reward: 3333 TBE

【Gorilla Matrix Image Award】



Reward: 999 TBE



Reward: 999 TBE



Reward: 999 TBE

【Gorilla Matrix Excellence Award】



Reward: 888 TBE



Reward: 888 TBE



Reward: 888 TBE

In order to ensure fairness, fairness and openness, this event will not give rewards to works that have violated voting behavior. Congratulations to the above winning users, the TBE airdrop award will be issued to the address within three working days.

TrustBase Metaverse Exploration

In the future, TrustBase will in-depth layout of the NFT metaverse field, fully empower TBE, and expand TBE application scenarios. We have seen the potential and necessity of Metaverse in the web3.0. TrustBase, as an infrastructure language project oriented to Web3.0, will continue to improve the ecology of the Metaverse field and enhance the value of its holders.

TrustBase will launch a variety of metaverse activities in the follow-up meeting. You are welcome to continue to pay attention and get information about the activities in time.

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.