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3 min readDec 28, 2021

Dear TrustBase Community:

The past two months have seen the metaverse boom, with examples of Facebook rebranding as Meta, the trading volume of NTFs exceeding 400 million US dollars, and an increasing number of traditional brands investing in the digital world, such as Adidas. Due to the popularity of the concept of metaverse, venture capitals have invested 4 billion US dollars into blockchain games serving as an important bridge between the real world and the metaverse.

TrustBase is committed to the Web3.0 revolution, announcing its full roll-out of building metaverse projects in the application layer, based on the outstanding technology development capability of the team.

In the future, people will enjoy the metaverse world under the guidance of TrustBase focusing on developing projects, such as NFT Market, blockchain games, and metaverse exhibition halls, according to new metaverse business models.

1. Metaverse Exhibition Halls

IP exhibition halls have been built by TrustBase in leading projects, such as Decentraland and CryptoVoxels, which are important channels directing traffic flow into the metaverse. These halls will be the main venue for hosting TrustBase activities, including POAP badges hunt and virtual parties. What is more incredible is that through the halls, the community will be connected to TrustBase Game, linking both the real and digital worlds together.

2. The Blockchain Game

The development and research of NFTs-related projects by TrustBase have kicked off as early as May to apply NFTs into the gaming sector. NFTs, as digital assets in blockchain games, can prove a user’s ownership, which is a game-changer of the production relationship in existing games.

The first TrustBase blockchain game will be deployed in the BSC network, achieving fast expansion in its number of players, thanks to the powerful game communities in the BSC ecosystem. Unlike the concepts behind other GameFi projects, we believe the essence of blockchain games is their gameplay. The life cycle of a game can be extended with the help of IP. Designed as an NFT asset, Gorilla Matrix, an original IP, is the main character of the TrustBase game ecosystem. It is also the core to earn rewards in the game.

TrustBase Game is carefully designed for players to enjoy attractive visual scenes featuring NFT, battle, and token reward systems.

3. TBE Token

TBE is the token issued by TrustBase for staking and governance. Now, users need it to enjoy functions in the game ecosystem. The token acts as the underlying common currency for supporting all trades in NFT Market and giving out rewards to players in TrustBase Game. At the same time, TBE applications include staking, liquidity mining, and getting qualified for NFT airdrops.

With a more developed metaverse, products related to SocialFi, NFT finance, and TradeFi will be gradually explored to enrich the applications in the TrustBase ecosystem. Nevertheless, the underlying system support from TrustBase is indispensable for all applications, which means users can stake TBE for their on-chain governance right, securing the stable functioning of the system to earn rewards.

Through TBE, players can enjoy both dividends from the game development and long-term rewards from the TrustBase ecosystem.


It is an exciting thing that TrustBase can be part of the metaverse, exploring new TBE applications to bring more value to its holders. The first TrustBase blockchain game will be open to all players soon so take your tickets to enter the metaverse through the TrustBase portal.

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