TrustBase volcano mining is in full swing|Project Weekly Report (5.12–5.24)

TrustBase technology update

1) TrustBase’s WASM smart contract is upgraded to the latest substrate version, and a new state lease contract interface has been added;

Community Building

1) 5000+ people were added to the TrustBase English community;

Project Progress

1) At 23:00 on May 18th, TrustBase volcanic mine officially opened the TBE single coin Stakeing POOL. In the first round, 3 mining pools were opened, replaced by explosive blocks every day, accumulated 2.3 million TBEs, and the mining cycle was 30 days. Users can pledge their own TBE through the wallet link to obtain TBE income. Search to start mining.


1.On May 20th, Ankie, the head of TrustBase Asia-Pacific region, participated as a special guest in the “Ten thousand chain interconnection, chain enjoys the future” 2021 Polkadot Ecological China Tour Chengdu start station, Ankie said at the meeting that TrustBase will continue to expand more Ecological application scenarios, enhance the circulation value of the TBE token, and play the role of Polkadot extraditioner!

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.