TrustBase volcano mining is in full swing|Project Weekly Report (5.12–5.24)

4 min readMay 25, 2021


TrustBase technology update

1) TrustBase’s WASM smart contract is upgraded to the latest substrate version, and a new state lease contract interface has been added;

2) The standard contract library completes the ERC721 specification and adds the metadata reference standard for tokens;

3) Subscript’s CDT compiler has improved the compatibility support with the latest version of Substrate smart contract;

4) The development and deployment of single currency pledged mining HECO chain Dapp, Dapp qualitative and quantitative tests were successful, officially launched online mining;

5) Complete the design of the combination of the economic module of the NFT module and the business model, and complete the platform business prototype and business port layout;

6) NFT Markting design and display, and contract framework design and construction.

Community Building

1) 5000+ people were added to the TrustBase English community;

2) 1000+ people were added to the TrustBase Chinese community.

As of May 25, TrustBase has communities in 11 countries and regions worldwide, including Germany, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Arabia, Persia, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, and Bangladesh. The total number of communities in the world has increased by 20% compared to April.

Project Progress

1) At 23:00 on May 18th, TrustBase volcanic mine officially opened the TBE single coin Stakeing POOL. In the first round, 3 mining pools were opened, replaced by explosive blocks every day, accumulated 2.3 million TBEs, and the mining cycle was 30 days. Users can pledge their own TBE through the wallet link to obtain TBE income. Search to start mining.

2) On May 18th, the TrustBase ecological token was launched on Gate StartUP, and the transaction was opened at 20:00. Up to now, the highest price of TBE is 0.11USDT, the highest increase is 916%.

3) On May 18th, MXC launched TrustBase (TBE) and launched the 55th “MX DeFi” conference.

4) On May 15, TrustBase officially launched the first batch of $200,000 Grant funds, and the address was officially announced. According to the official plan, the first batch of TrustBase Grant funds will continue to expand to US$1 million. Grant has now applied for global opening.

5) On May 13th, TrustBase validator node recruitment and review was launched, and the first three node pairs were launched, with the highest annualization reaching 132.4%.


1.On May 20th, Ankie, the head of TrustBase Asia-Pacific region, participated as a special guest in the “Ten thousand chain interconnection, chain enjoys the future” 2021 Polkadot Ecological China Tour Chengdu start station, Ankie said at the meeting that TrustBase will continue to expand more Ecological application scenarios, enhance the circulation value of the TBE token, and play the role of Polkadot extraditioner!

2.On May 19, TrustBase completed the first batch of airdrops to TrustBase NFT holders.

3. On May 11–17, TrustBase and WeBounty held an airdrop event on Twitter and the Telegram group. 3702 fans participated in the event and produced videos to cheer for the launch of TrustBase.

4. On May 17, TrustBase announced to join the NFT Ecological Matrix DAO Alliance.




This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.