TrustBase Tinder Program Officially Launched

TrustBase “Tinder Program” was initiated by TrustBase Foudation. Committed to helping TrustBase achieve community growth and developer community building. Accelerate the new journey of TrustBase parachain towards Web3.0.

TrustBase Tinder Program AMA

The first TrustBase Tinder Plan AMA will be held in the TrustBase Chinese community. This event invited Mr. Jackson, from TrustBase Foundation , and Ms. Ankie, the head of TrustBase Chinese community. In-depth analysis for everyone: the development of TrustBase;

In this AMA event, we also prepared rich prizes for everyone. We hope that through this event, more supporters, developers, and investors in Asia will have a clearer understanding of the TrustBase parachain, and join us to discuss and plan for the future of TrustBase!

Event Details

Event Time:January 29, 2021, 16:00

Event Prizes:

First Prize: iPad Pro x 1

Second Prize: TrustBase Suitcase x 3

Third Prize: TrustBase T-shirt x 20

Draw: 18888 TBE

Participation Rules:

1. Forwarding the event poster to the Moment or community;

2. Add event customer service WeChat and send screenshots to join the group;

3. Participate in the Q&A or lottery to win rich prizes;



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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.