TrustBase releases strategic goals and officially starts node recruitment

Kusama slot auction is approaching, and TrustBase implements an auction strategy combining slot auction and verification node recruitment to obtain KSM support from the community and other investors. Today, TrustBase officially announced the official start of node recruitment.

Recruitment time: April 13–20, 2021

Recruitment quota: 30

Recruitment conditions:

1. Super verification node: Stake KSM equivalent to 9,600,000 TBE at least; (TBE standard price: 0.025USDT/piece)

2. Ordinary verification node: Stake KSM equivalent to 6,000,000 TBE at least; (TBE standard price: 0.025USDT/piece)

Election rules: We’ll collect the list and rank according to the amount of KSM staking. Participants ranked 1–15 will become TrustBase super verification nodes; participants ranked 16–30 will become TrustBase ordinary verification nodes.

After the recruitment , TrustBase will announce the results of the election on the our website and notify all nodes to work after the mainnet goes online.

Super verification node: The default term is six months, responsible for block generation functions ,verification, block generation, transmission, preservation, and collection of information transmitted, and can obtain the income of each dividend cycle. The APY is expected to be 133%.

Ordinary verification node: The default term is six months. Ordinary verification node does not participate in block production, only synchronizes block data. Ordinary verification node is responsible for the delivery, preservation, and collection of the information delivered. At the same time, it is regarded as a candidate for a super verification node. If a super verification node is punished multiple times or drops by 15, ordinary verification nodes will follow up and convert to super verification nodes to produce blocks; The APY is expected to be 88.7%.

During the recruitment period, if more than 30 supporters participate in the election, according to the ranking, the participants ranking after 30 will be seen as the first nominees of TrustBase, who can select verification nodes for pledge without any threshold, and enjoy 60%of dividend block reward . In addition, lucky members who entered the whitelist of nominees in previous activities also enjoy this right.

For anyone who wants to be a candidate of TrustBase’s Verification Node,

Fill in the node election intention: your contact information)



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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.