TrustBase Q&A from the community

TrustBase is a Polkadot parachain based on the Substrate framework that independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports multiple tool plug-ins and smart contract applications. As an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has been supported by the Web3 Foundation Grant.

In the recent TrustBase community activities, the official collected some interesting questions, now organized as follows, enjoy:

From : @nainainiainai

What is WASM virtual machine ? I already read your website but i still doesn’t understand what benefit from it for developer and for investor ? Is that system must be on polkadot blockchain ? so many project start to use polkadot. I just worried TrustBase just follow the hyipe.

Answer: Thanks for browsing our website. I can tell from the question that you are not a professor of development, so here I try to explain it more easily. The WASM is a “machine” that “translates” smart contracts written in various languages ​​into a language that computers can understand. For developers, the “translation” speed of using WASM in the execution layer is dozens of times faster than using EVM, which is exactly the virtual machine currently used by Ethereum. Fast execution is an important advantage for smart contracts. In fact, in the Ethereum 2.0 plan, Ethereum is undergoing a complete rewrite, which will be converted from the original EVM virtual machine to the WASM virtual machine. Secondly, the WASM smart contract developed on TrustBase does not have to run on the Polkadot ecology. It can support any smart contract development platform compatible with the Substrate architecture. However, TrustBase still regards becoming the Polkadot Parachain as its first goal, and we are very confident about it. Finally, even though there are so many projects on Polkadot, TrustBase’s biggest competitive advantage is its self-developed Subscript language, better than ink! and Solidity ,which is a more easy-to-use lightweight language that can allow traditional developers to quickly get started. We are using Subscript to enter the traditional developer community for drainage and conversion, and create TrustBase’s unique developer ecology. This is of inestimable value for the growth of TrustBase and the long-term development of the entire Polkadot ecology.

From : @himo_umaru

I was like your idea. I want to invest for a long time on TrustBase. Is there any presale date or etc on TrustBase ? And what benefit for investor if they was hold your Token for a long time ?

Answer:There is a complete and reasonable Verification Nodes plan in TrustBase’s next market plan, and the specific time will be announced in the near future. You can keep paying attention to TrustBase’s official media. For investors, long-term holding and using TBE tokens for nomination, voting and other non-destructive pledges can obtain generous network rewards. After the mainnet is launched, TBE, as the core pledge of various high-quality DeFi agreements, will generate new liquidity and commercial value.

From : @JinJrx

Currently hacking is a terrible thing for the defi project, can you explain the security that the TRUSTBASE project has, especially the security of our assets and data, and how the TRUSTBASE strategy becomes a big project and is known in the Crypto world?

Answer: Many people don’t know that the root cause of the frequent occurrence of hacking in the DeFi ecosystem of Ethereum is that the underlying language of Solidity is too flexible. It allows smart contracts to “set logic on top of one logic”. In the end, even the developers themselves don’t know where bugs will appear under the layers of logic nesting. This is the root cause of the frequent DeFi security vulnerabilities in Ethereum. In contrast, Polkadot’s Substrate framework and TrustBase’s Subscript language both abandoned this flexibility in pursuit of more security. Subscript follows the proven Typescript grammar, has strict type and static grammar checks, and comes with a smart contract debugger based on the SourceMap mechanism, which reduces the security vulnerabilities of smart contracts from the bottom. In addition, TrustBase has law enforcement nodes. Once a node is found to be malicious, it will take maintenance actions as soon as possible. Finally, the TrustBase chain benefits from the security module of the Substrate framework, which can be upgraded without forks, which greatly reduces the possibility of 51 attacks and rollback attacks. To be honest, Uniswap dormant for three years before becoming famous in the crypto world, which gave the TrustBase team a lot of strength. We have ambitious goals and unique market positioning just like Uniswap. We believe that as long as our Subscript language is valuable enough, it will succeed sooner or later. In fact, the TrustBase community is developing at a very desirable rate. More and more Polkadot developers and traditional developers have joined our developer community, and our influence in Github, Twitter, Telegram, including China, is accelerating. In particular, the “Polkadot Developer Training Camp” event we hosted in China received hundreds of developers’ registrations in the first phase. We will hold this type of event for a long time and expand the scope to the world.

From : @Coin_Travolta

What is TrustBase’s function in the Polkadot ecosystem? What unique contributions do you make to the Polkadot ecosystem?

Answer: As mentioned before, TrustBase is the ferryman of Polkadot. Who do we want to “ferry”? A large number of non — Blockchain developers. Let me make an analogy. If Polkadot represents the Noah’s Ark of Web3.0, then it can be said that only 1% of the developers are on the ship, and 99% of the developers are still on the other side. They are sailors who don’t know how to drive, but they have their own magical powers in other ways. By providing the Subscript language, TrustBase allows these sailors to learn how to sail and go to the goal of Web3.0. In 2020, TrustBase conducted a survey of traditional developers and found that 31% of them are optimistic about the combination of big data and blockchain, 28% are optimistic about the combination of IoT and blockchain, and 13% are optimistic about the combination of artificial intelligence and districts. The combination of block chains and so on. This is the real general direction of the blockchain, and it is what Polkadot is really committed to achieving. These things are still blank. To achieve this combination, either blockchain developers should study big data, Internet of Things and other fields, or traditional developers in these fields should learn blockchain development. In fact, the latter is more feasible, and this is exactly what TrustBase can provide for the Polkadot ecology.

From : @Charles04474580

Trust Base natively supports the XCMP cross-chain protocol, How does Trust Base cross-chain work? compared to other cross-chain project? what is the biggest feature?

Answer: TrustBase is a blockchain developed based on the Substrate framework. It natively supports the XCMP cross-chain protocol. It connects to the Polkadot relay chain through a slot, or connects to Polkadot as a parallel thread, sharing the interaction with other parallel chains of Polkadot. Operability, and even interoperability with public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be achieved through Polkadot. As a homogeneous parachain of Polkadot, TrustBase has many unprecedented technical features, such as shared cross-chain and good interoperability, no fork upgrade, low deployment cost, low gas cost, and so on. These technical advantages are supplemented by the Subscript language to bring a unique developer community, and its future application scenarios and chain ecology will be very exciting.




This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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