TrustBase officially launched the first batch of Grant funds, Grant applications open to the world

On April 25th, we are happy to announce the establishment of TrustBase Grant. Now, the first batch of 200,000 US dollars Grant funds are in place, and the address is officially announced.

TrustBase Grant is initiated by the Subscript technology community, HECO ecological strategic cooperation and support, and the TrustBase Foundation provides financial support to promote the development of the TrustBase ecological project, support developers to develop in the sub-fields of the technology stack, and obtain funding and technology And ecological support.

In terms of funding, the first batch of TrustBase Grant funds will continue to expand to US $1 million, and each grant project can receive funding of up to US $30,000. In terms of technology, through Grant’s project, one-to-one technical guidance from Subscript and HECO will be obtained. In addition, in order to help high-quality Polkadot projects to quickly open the Chinese market, TrustBase will soon establish a pool in HECO and release 5 million TBEs, specifically to provide asset application scenarios for projects that pass the TrustBase Grant and improve project liquidity. Users pledge Grant project tokens in the TrustBase Pool to produce HTBE (HTBE is the anchor token of TBE on the HECO network), and the TBE mainnet line can be directly mapped.

Developers and teams around the world are welcome to apply for TrustBase Grant to add valuable technology to the TrustBase ecosystem, help enhance Polkadot’s advanced features, and extend the Web 3.0 system.

Apply for a link:



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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.