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Kusama opened its first slot auction on June 15th, and the parachain ID of TrustBase is 2078. Due to market considerations, we will bid for the Kusama slot after the third time.TrustBase has already launched a specific incentive plan, with a maximum of about 20 million TBE rewards, which can be released after the auction ends. At present, TrustBase has two crowdfunding channels: TrustBase official website and CoinW coin win. Crownloan will be deployed in the later stage. Everyone is welcome to participate actively.


On June 5th, Ankie, the head of TrustBase Asia-Pacific region, participated as a special guest to participate in the second stop Xi’an Roadshow of the “Poka Eco-China Tour” hosted by BML and co-sponsored by CoinWorld and Babaofan.
Ankie said at the meeting that TrustBase is currently actively deploying the NFT track. As a parallel chain of Polkadot, it has achieved technological breakthroughs and its ecological layout has gradually expanded. The project will rely on Polkadot technology as the bottom layer, share Polkadot’s high performance, low gas and interoperability characteristics, and break the limitations of NFT development. At present, TrustBase has completed the analysis and testing of the basic NFT contract code.
In addition, Ankie said that at the level of ecological layout, TrustBase has reached strategic cooperation with KAKA, Liquidifty, and Iwave platforms. In the future, they will jointly realize NFT track-related cooperation and promote the NFT ecosystem and TrustBase’s own ecological development.

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.