TrustBase Is Preparing For Kusama Slot Auction | Project Weekly Report (3.22–4.5)

1.Subscript’s CDT compiler has added automatic type registration, which improved support for type of polkajs api;

2.Subscrip adds a new view modifier to support the flag definition of state modification;

3.TrustBase repairs CC2 testnet the minimum nomination restriction function ;

4.Completed the analysis of function signatures by Subscript’s CDT compiler, and improved support for the contract functions of return value;

5.Subscript adds the definition of built-in type contract ABI, and supports contract functions to directly use AssemblyScript’s built-in types;

6.TrustBase CC2 completes regression testing.

English community increase 6800+ people;

Until April 7, TrustBase has global communities in 10 countries and regions including Germany, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Arabia, Persia, Vietnam, Russia, and South Korea.

1.On March 24th, TrustBase and Phala formally reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation on the construction of Polkadot ecological infrastructure. Later, they will produce more diversified cooperation methods based on the POW economic incentive model.

2.TrustBase is planning the necessary work for the KSM slot bidding, and it is expected that it will soon launch a validity verification recruitment plan for the world on the TrustBase official website.

1.On March 31st, Ankie , the head of TrustBase Asia Pacific, and the UP Capital community jointly held an online AMA event for the Chinese community to talk with blockchain enthusiasts about the evolution of the Polkadot ecology and the development layout of TrustBase.

2.On March 28th, Elle, the head of TrustBase Asia Pacific, participated in the Candaq TopVoice Open Days conference hosted by Candaq Fintech Group and ChainRead, and discussed the development situation and hotspots of Polkadot with many colleagues.



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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.