TrustBase has launched three major nodes, and will soon open all verification node pledge entrances

After two days of review and screening, 30 people have been confirmed to be selected as TrustBase verification nodes. Today, the TrustBase official website is the first to launch three nodes: TrustBase, Huobi Pool, and ThinmistVC. The remaining 27 nodes are expected to open their entrances after the KSM pledge is completed tomorrow. Tomorrow, all users can enter the official website to select nodes to pledge KSM to support TrustBase slot auctions and obtain corresponding benefits.

Staking KSM process

Step1: Log in on the official website of TrustB; click [Verifiacation Node];

Step2: Click [One-Click Login];

Step3: Enter the email address, get the email verification code, enter the verification code, and click [Login];

Step4: Select the node and click [Stake];

Step5: Enter the wallet address, pledge the amount of KSM, click [Submit], the pledge is completed.

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.