TrustBase has completed a million-dollar Financing

The Polkadot Parachain TrustBase, based on an independent smart contract language — Subscript, has successfully completed a millions of dollars financing. The participating capital institutions include: Candaq, Dealean Capital, DFG, BTX Capital, AU21 Capital, Waterdrip Capital, OASIS CAPITAL, Angelone Capital, HappyBlock, Polkafund, Hot Labs, CoinsGroup, ChainCapital, Crypto Capital (in no particular order).

TrustBase is the first Parachain in the Polkadot Ecosystem that supports developers to deploy underlying programming tools and smart contract applications through the self-developed smart contract language (Subscript). It is also the first Web3 network component development platform that supports non-blockchain developers to participate in the construction of Polkadot without barriers.

As an infrastructure project of the Polkadot Ecosystem, TrustBase obtained the Web3 Foundation Grant with the developer tool Subscript.

According to official statistics, by the time of publication, 800+ developers have participated in the learning, testing and using of the Subscript language worldwide. In China, more than 300 people signed up and studied in the first course of the “Polkadot Developer Training Camp” jointly organized by the Subscript Technology Community, Polkadot Ecosystem Support Fund and the JINSE Hackthon, which shows TrustBase’s devotion in developers attention and investment in ecological value. With the development of Polkadot’s ecology in the future, Polkadot will cause many requirements and demands for underlying tools. Subscript realizes the backward compatibility with Polkadot, so developers can develop various programming tools through Subscript language to meet Polkadot’s needs. In February 2021, the TrustBase team has delivered the Grant milestone based on the Subscript language core library to Github, and will soon launch the CC2 Test net.

In the follow-up project plan, TrustBase will carry out various community activities around the developer ecology, CC2 Test net, TrustBase NFT and Polkadot Slot Auctions. TrustBase is expected to land on the exchange in April and open TBE transaction to global investors .

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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