TrustBase explore Metaverse, the latest economic plan preparation

TrustBase new economic program development

TrustBase is based on the Subscript Intelligent Contract Language, and the Based NFT contract code analysis and test has been completed, which will break the development limitations of NFTs.

TrustBase Mining Ecology New Member

TrustBase believes that NFT will have more applications in the Metaverse world, in addition to the scenes of digital assets such as digital artwork, virtual game items, will have more applications. Therefore, TrustBase has a unique excitation model around NFT, which consists of new TBE mining ecology with TBE existing mining mechanisms. In the future, TBE will turn on the weight to prove that Proof of Weight (PW) — — node stability reliability proves, when participants may provide LP liquidity by holding NFT, becoming a hardware node and pledge TBE and other combination To get your revenue. (Specific Economic Program is waiting for the economic yellow paper release).



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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.