TrustBase explore Metaverse, the latest economic plan preparation

3 min readAug 4, 2021


“Metaverse” as a hot concept of igniting the crypto currency market, I want everyone to be unfamiliar. In order to enrich TBE token’s scenes, the TrustBase ecology is fully launched. In order to better develop the Metaverse ecology, TrustBase has been deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and will be open to everyone. At the same time, the economic plan for TrustBase is already preparing In, for the later holders constantly empowered.

Regarding the importance of “Metaverse”, we quoted the NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun’s elaboration: Metaverse is a virtual world connected to our lives, and the virtual world shared by many people is the digital twin world of real life.

It is foreseeable that the future wants to realize the “Metaverse” digital world vision, inevitably solve a problem: the problem of the asset ownership of the digital world, because only the world’s clear world can inspire people’s original motivation to build. Digital asset ownership, its essence is ownership of data, which is the foundation of the Web3.0 era, and is the core competitiveness of the wave ecosystem.

TrustBase is about to make preliminary exploration in the Metaverse, but also to be able to make the use scenario of TBE communications in the Web 3.0 era, and at the same time increase the capacity of the Metaverse, we will carry out a series of Activities about TrustBase Metaverse explores, welcome to continue to pay attention more.

TrustBase new economic program development

TrustBase is based on the Subscript Intelligent Contract Language, and the Based NFT contract code analysis and test has been completed, which will break the development limitations of NFTs.

Today, TrustBase takes into account the feasibility of NFT ecology, we will join NFT stakeing, economic contributions in new economic models, enrich TrustBase original wave-based economic model, broaden the ecological dimensions.

In order to motivate users to participate in enthusiasm, TrustBase will launch a series of NFT-based ecological contribution rewards, and distribute revenue for all users who participate in the contribution, which digging the mine revenue from TBE (TrustBase Governance and Stake Token) 50% Miner incentives.

TrustBase Mining Ecology New Member

TrustBase believes that NFT will have more applications in the Metaverse world, in addition to the scenes of digital assets such as digital artwork, virtual game items, will have more applications. Therefore, TrustBase has a unique excitation model around NFT, which consists of new TBE mining ecology with TBE existing mining mechanisms. In the future, TBE will turn on the weight to prove that Proof of Weight (PW) — — node stability reliability proves, when participants may provide LP liquidity by holding NFT, becoming a hardware node and pledge TBE and other combination To get your revenue. (Specific Economic Program is waiting for the economic yellow paper release).

With the online line of the TrustBase metacle, TBE has more functional uses and application scenarios. TBE is not only the functional Currency of the TrustBase wave card, but also the Circuitable communications in the TrustBase metacles, can purchase and sell NFT and cast combustion costs.

TrustBase’s spacecraft is ready to launch, please sit still!!!




This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.