TrustBase economic model optimization is gradually advancing | Project Monthly Report (August)

3 min readAug 31, 2021

Foreword: TrustBase, as an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, has attracted much attention since its inception. In order to let followers in China keep abreast of the progress and latest developments of the TrustBase project, the Chinese community publishes monthly project reports from time to time, so stay tuned!

Project Progress

TrustBase is optimizing the economic model and will be announced in mid-September. Currently, the technology is actively developing NFT and related products, and continues to explore the combination of Metaverse subdivisions and Web3.0, such as GameFi, mining and other products form.

At present, TrustBase empowers its own IP in the token economy, thereby deriving more value-generating application scenarios, developing P2E, S2E and other economic effects, and formulating new strategies for the second round of slot auctions.

brand cooperation

TrustBase and WebX Labs develop brand cooperation to expand TrustBase’s brand influence in the global market. WebX Lab is an investment, research and incubation organization focusing on the Web3.0 field, involving core areas such as cross-chain, capacity expansion, storage, and privacy computing.

On August 27th, Trustbase China spokesperson Ankie was invited to participate in the roundtable live broadcast held by WebX Lab. At the meeting, She talked with CU China Technical Ambassador Globalbst, DNFT CEO Jason, and Element Asset Operations Director Dabai to talk about the world of the Metaverse.

community activity

This month, TrustBase was invited to participate in the AMA event of the WebX Lab Daily community, the Polkadot series live talks of the BML organization, and the Billibili program of KAVA&TrustBase’s “Brother Cong Takes You Across the World”.

TrustBase China spokesperson Ankie introduced the TrustBase project and the current progress in the exploration of the Metaverse to the audience.

At the event, Ankie revealed that the decentraland world will become the main battlefield of the TrustBase metaverse, and is now building an exclusive TrustBase pavilion. At that time, users can have in-depth interaction with the project party in the exhibition hall, such as receiving TBE NFT badges, mascots or peripheral wear, etc.

In order to broaden the ecological development and organic linkage Metaverse at multiple levels, TrustBase may implement dual-chain operations or even multi-chain operations in the later stage to achieve user growth in emerging markets.

technology Update

TrustBase NFT section

(1) The initial code contract of NFT market place is basically completed and testing is underway;

(2) The front-end UI of the NFT market place page is completed;

(3) The smart contract is interfaced with the front-end, and the initial release and demonstration test are initiated;

Community dynamics

TrustBase community building

(1) 5,000+ people were added to the TrustBase English community;

(2) 2000+ people were added to the TrustBase Chinese community;

As of August 31, TrustBase has a total of 12 countries and regional communities in Germany, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Arabia, Persia, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Bangladesh, and Italy. The total number of global communities exceeds 70,000+.




This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.