TrustBase-CC1 Test Network Development Completed|TrustBase Project Weekly Report

TrustBase is an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem. Since the start of the project, it has attracted much attention. In order to let global followers keep abreast of the progress and latest developments of the TrustBase project, we will release the weekly project report in time.

TrustBase Network Development Progress

Completed TrustBase-CC1 testnet development. Including the support of PoA consensus and WASM smart contract, it will be used by global developers. The access addresses of each section are as follows:

1)Github Code Repository:

2)Build RPC Server Access Address:wss://

3)WASM Smart Contract Example Address:

4)Front-end Browser Access Address:

5)Build the Developer Center Site Access Address:

6)Test Node Access Address:

7)Deploy Smart Contract Process Access Address:

Added Runtime Construction of Trust-CC2 Testnet;

The BABE consensus communication protocol and runtime definition are added to the TrustBase consensus;

The TrustBase CC2 testnet adds functional support for validator pledge and delegation;

The TrustBase CC2 testnet has completed the VRF fork selection setting in the block consensus.

Subscript Contract Language Update

The contract library integrates support for the Scale encoding format;

The core library adds support for contract events;

The ERC-20 contract is added to the contract example, which can support transfer operations;

The core library adds support for accessing the execution environment context. Contract applications can access block information at runtime through library functions;

Subscript released an example of basic contract application. Application developers can refer to examples to understand the operating principle of the contract;

The Subscript development team has delivered the first phase of the contract language Grant funding program to the Web3 Foundation.

For details, please refer to:

TrustBase Official Website Update

Many followers gave us valuable feedback and opinions, so that we can better improve the official website. Thank you for your support and contribution. The new official website is expected to meet you next week!

Activities in China

On January 11th, Ankie, the head of TrustBase China, was invited to the Jinse Finance Live Room to share the new opportunities of Web3.0.

Live Streaming:

The [Polkadot Developer Community Training Camp] initiated by Jinse Finance and Subscript Developer Community and JinseHackthon officially recruited students.


Next Week’s Event Preview

On January 19 (next Tuesday) 16:00–17:00, AMA hosted by TrustBase, OpenSquare and PolkaBase communities — — Polkadot New Year Special “Web3.0 Code Revolution”.

What is TrustBase

TrustBase is based on the Substrate framework and independently develops the Subscript smart contract language. Polkadot Parachain supporting multiple tool plug-ins and smart contract applications. As an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has received certification support from the Web3 Foundation Grant.

TrustBase is committed to providing a more lightweight language for traditional developers. Can easily deploy Polkadot native smart contracts. Assist developers to participate in the construction of Polkadot ecology without barriers. Form a powerful ecology of multi-dwelling development Polkadot — — TrustBase Parachain — — Smart Contract

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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