TrustBase announces strategic cooperation with Bondly, release of exclusive PolkaPet NFT and upcoming sale

We are happy to announce that TrustBase has reached a strategic partnership with Bondly.Finance. Bondly.Finance is a trustworthy, portable and transparent interchange agreement. It aims to bring more non-encrypted users, especially users with digital assets such as domain names or online businesses, into the encrypted market by supporting functions such as payment, custody or installment payments.

TrustBase aims to empower more developers (especially traditional Java programmers) to enter the crypto world through the Subscript smart contract language and develop Web3 network components. We believe that the forward-looking cooperation between the two will create wonderful sparks.

What’s exciting is that we and Bondly jointly created TrustBase’s exclusive NFT and officially joined the world of PolkaPets as a new member!

In order to show respect to the developers, only 1024 NFTs will be sold this time. TrustBase NFT will be officially launched on BondSwap at 16:00 on
March 3th, US Eastern Time (5:00 on March 4th, Beijing Time).

1. New Member of PolkaPets: TrustBase NFT

Our PolkaPets is a magic pet with strong limbs and likes to build and use various new tools. People often find them climbing up the tallest trees and lifting the heaviest rocks. TrustBase is adventurous, bold and competitive. It needs to set physical goals for itself. They like to exercise and build things, and like to complete some unprecedented actions and challenges with the tools in their hands. Perhaps every few days, you will see more novelties in their hands. This is how they use their power to help build PolkaPets and the human community.

In the TrustBase community, TrustBase NFT holders will be regarded as early supporters of TrustBase and core members of the community. The holder not only enjoys the artistic value of NFT, but also benefits from various activities from the TrustBase treasury, the TrustBase community, and the TrustBase developer ecology.

2. What can TrustBase PolkaPets offer you?

· Each NFT includes 1024 airdropped TBE tokens

· Receive annual rewards from the TrustBase treasury: 20%

·A new generation of BondSwap PolkaPets — -”Evolved” lottery

·As a VIP of the TrustBase community, you will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in various community activities based on TrustBase and developer-related products (such as Tinder Recruitment of TrustBase, CC2 testing, hackathon, developer training camp, etc.)

·You will be invited to participate in the first round of trials of various Web3 network components developed based on Subscript (including but not limited to programming tools, DeFi, Dapp)

· You will get airdrops of NFT/tokens created by many future developers built on TrustBase

BondSwap lottery certificate for 10 additional TrustBase cards airdropped to the holder

·Digitally verified limited edition art collection

3. NFT Sale Details

· Sale Time: 3/3/2021, 16:00 (EST); 4/3/2021, 05:00 (Beijing time)

· Number of Sale: 1024 (salute to all developers)

·Sale Platform and Address: BondSwap (

·Payment Method: support both ETH and $BONDLY Token payment

Note: Each NFT has a total of 1024 TBEs. After the mainnet goes online, the first 256 TBEs will be airdropped. 256 tokens will be airdropped every month thereafter for four months until a total of 1024 tokens. At the same time, each NFT holder will enjoy an annualized 20% staking income.

4. About the World of PolkaPets

The world of PolkaPets is not limited to collectible NFTs. In the PolkaPets universe, each PolkaPet is embodied as an artistic existence, representing a specific project in the PolkaDot ecosystem. Each PolkaPet has a unique utility that is used to reward community members for holding that particular PolkaPet NFT in their wallet. This could be fee discounts, airdrop tokens to PolkaPet cardholders, etc.

In addition, in PolkaPets TCG, players will be able to pair their PolkaPets with each other in a competitive game, which is the world’s first blockchain-based collectible monster game. Players will be rewarded by winning games, completing storyline missions, etc. Owning PolkaPets means taking the first step towards owning a crypto collectible entity. The PolkaPet collection will become a bridge between digital collections and real collections.

5. What is TrustBase?

TrustBase is a Polkadot parachain based on the Substrate framework that independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports multiple tool plug-ins and smart contract applications. As an infrastructure project of the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has won the Web3 Foundation Grant.

We believe that with the development of the PolkaPet ecosystem, TrustBase will enter the ranks of PolkaPet collection games, bringing new competitive connectors to the PolkaPet world.







This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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