The CC1 testnet has been launched, the Subscript language developer training program will start soon

“This article was published on January 9, 2021. It summarizes the Subscript language, the progress of the CC1 testnet and the implementation of follow-up plans from multiple perspectives.”

  1. TrustBase CC1 Test Network

According to the team’s development plan, TrustBase will complete the development of the CC1 testnet as scheduled on January 6, 2021. It has been opened to developers around the world.

The CC1 testnet uses the WASM virtual machine, which supports web developers to get started quickly and easily deploy WASM smart contracts. At the same time, the smart contract language Subscript maintained by TrustBase has launched ERC20 contract examples, which can be deployed on the CC1 network. The CC1 testnet adopts POA consensus and provides basic support for smart contracts. In particular, we have launched the RPC service of the testnet CC1. Using Polkajs, you can view the block status, initiate transfers, deploy contracts, and send contract calls. We also provided an example of a WASM smart contract for the TrustBase CC1 testnet, which includes the entire development process of the ERC20 smart contract. All deliverables have been uploaded to the TrustBase column in Github for developers to use. In the developer documentation of the CC1 testnet, we describe how to build a developer center site, how to run a test node locally, how to run the TrustBase client that is synchronized with the prediction network, and how to deploy the first smart contract process.

2. Subscript Language

Since Subscript was selected as a developer tool by the Web3 Foundation Grant program in September 2020, more and more smart contract developers have expressed a strong interest and desire to experiment with the Subscript language. So far, the TrustBase team has received private messages from hundreds of developers from all over the world from social networking sites such as Github, Twitter, and Telegram. Some of them have participated in the early development, debugging and testing of various underlying tools of Subscript.

It is very exciting that 40% of the developers who contact the TrustBase official media account are traditional web developers and Java engineers. They expressed the desire to quickly get started with smart contract development and participate in the exploration of the strong motivation of the Web3.0 business, which is exactly what TrustBase hopes to see. At present, the Subscript language has been jointly developed and tested by team members and various volunteers. The demo of the language has been implemented and will be combined with the TrustBase CC2 test network for developers to use.

3. Follow-up Plan

It is worth noting that the CC1 testnet is developed based on the Substrate framework and uses Rust-based Ink! Language to test the transfer and contract deployment functions of the CC1 Blockchain. The Subscript language pack has not been connected to the CC1 test network.

We plan to formally access the Subscript language in the CC2 testnet and support Web developers to deploy Polkadot’s native smart contracts through the Subscript language.

Prior to this, in order to help these respectable Web developers, TrustBase will launch a “Developer Community” training program in the near future. The TrustBase developer community is a project development and incubation camp based on Subscript language and Polkadot ecology. Its purpose is to help individuals who want to join the Polkadot ecology to master the Subscript language, and help the team deploy a solid Polkadot project from 0 to 1. In view of the epidemic situation, we designed a detailed Subscript online course and a special online qualification interview for developers for this event to help each other’s cooperation proceed smoothly.

According to our plan, TrustBase will complete the CC2 testnet launch before March 2021, which mainly includes the following functions:

(1) The test network uses the POS consensus operation of the GRANDPA mechanism;

(2) The testnet supports the pledge and redemption operations of the validator, and supports the entrusted operations of the nominator;

(3) The testnet supports the deployment and operation of smart contracts in WebAssembly format;

(4) The testnet completes the distribution of the initial TrustBase token in the genesis block;

(5) Provide TrustBase client operation services and block browser services of the test network;

(6) Subscript language supports the creation of ERC20 format certificates on the testnet.

4. TrustBase & Polkadot

As Gavin Wood said, among all third-generation Blockchain projects, Polkadot has the greatest developer appeal and user stickiness. This is the fact. With the Polkadot slot auction in 2021, the continuous upgrade of the Substrate framework and the launch of Polkadot’s mainnet, all core technologies (including Subscript developer tools) launched in 2020 will be integrated into the Polkadot mainnet in 2021.

TrustBase is an isomorphic parachain based on a lightweight smart contract language in the Polkadot ecology. It will also introduce more traditional Web developers for Polkadot through its own development plan to jointly participate in the construction of the Web3.0 network.

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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