[Subscript technical team provides [Polkadot Developer Community Training Camp] participants with proof of NFT rights and interests]

With the progress of the Polkadot process, RecocoV1 has been open for registration. We are very happy to see more and more developers join the Polkadot ecology. With the launch of the TrustBase CC1 testnet, Jinse Finance and the Subscript technical community jointly launched the [Polkadot Developer Community Training Camp].

Just as Subscript accepted the help of professional developers to overcome the early challenges, we hope to continue this glorious tradition. After participating in the Polkadot training camp, developers will learn to solve major or trivial technical problems through technical demonstrations and hands-on guidance. Looking back, you will be surprised that you have made great progress overall.

We believe this is exactly what you want. In addition, we also prepared a surprise: any training camp student has the opportunity to obtain the Subscript NFT equity pass. Later holders can get TrustBase mining income!

What is Polkadot Training Camp

The Polkadot training camp is hosted by Golden Finance, the Subscript developer community and JinseHackthon. Its purpose is to help individuals and teams who want to join the Polkadot ecology to start a Polkadot landing project from 0 to 1, and accelerate the implementation of Polkadot’s commercial layout and market commercial landing value.

The Polkadot training camp sets up a step-by-step teaching course for students. After the developer trainee course is completed, enter the companion product development (Subscript Hackthon) process from March to May 2021.

With the end of the training [JinseHackthon] will launch a code proficiency exam for all development individuals and teams. Trainees can participate in projects developed based on the Substrate framework and the Subscript smart contract language. Also have the opportunity to receive technical guidance and high-quality project ecological incentive bonuses such as [Subscript CAMP] support and support rewards. JinseHackthon has a luxurious lineup of judges, including: Polkadot Eco Capital 10+, participating developer team 50+, judges and 5 technical directors, etc.

Who Can Participate in the Polkadot Training Camp

We are open to all developers around the world, including blockchain developers as well as traditional web developers and Java engineers can participate! With the help of the low-difficulty learning curve of Subscript language, students will easily master the development operations and speak out in the Polkadot ecology!

Event Registration Process

Fill in the application form → wait for the customer service to contact → receive the course redemption code → become the first official student

The registration link:

Surprises for Early Registration!

We rewarded those students who are actively enrolling what they deserve: free tuition, and get the Subscript NFT Proof of equity and interest!

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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