Polkadot Hackthon the global call is launched

Co-sponsored by Jinse.com, Subscript Technology Community, and polkadot.club; hosted by JINSE Hackathon; co-hosted by Block Power, Candaq, and Crypto Geek; the Polkadot hackathon of the chief partner of the Huobi Polkadot Ecological Fund will be held in April in Shanghai on the 8th. This competition will be open to both individual developers and team developers worldwide (1~5 people), hoping to create more innovative products in the Polkadot ecosystem through the form of Hackathon.
At that time, the Polkadot community, investment institutions, top developers, kols, specially invited guests and experts will be invited to participate. The winning team will receive generous bonuses, technical and resource support, and become a member of the Polkadot ecology in a true sense!

| Schedule:
· 50 teams will be recruited from all over the world (each team shall not exceed 5 people);
· Event: March 5th-April 8th;
· Online registration: March 5th-March 11th;
· Online primaries: March 12th-March 21st, the contest questions will be
· Announce the list of preliminary selections: March 22–23, the judges will be
selected in the preliminary selection, and the top 30 teams will be selected;
· Online semi-final: March 24-March 31,everyone will optimize, iterate, improve and submit their works , and only 8 of them can advance to the semifinals.
· Announcement of the semi-final list: April 1st-April 2nd, the judges review and decide the top 8;
· Polkadot Hackathon: On April 8, the top 8 will compete in the offline finals and roadshows at the conference site.

| Requirements:
· Participants: The competition is open to developers in the global blockchain industry. Players participate in teams, with no more than 5 people in each team.
· Registration requirements:
1. The registration information is accurate and valid, otherwise the qualifications and awards will be cancelled;
2. The team, personal resume, project experience and other materials are attached to the registration, which can increase the screening pass rate;
3. The same player cannot appear in multiple teams at the same time.
· Requirements for the delivery of works:
1. No company, project or personal promotion information should appear in the participating works, including but not limited to company name, Logo, phone number, email address, QR code, etc.;
2. A brief description of the entry is required;
3. It is necessary to submit a description of the entry scheme (including business logic, application scenarios, creative ideas, and push Wide value, etc.);
4. Record functional videos or other display effects for the entries;
5. The work code and demo must be submitted to the competition organizer;
6. Entries must be original and must not be plagiarized, do not violate any relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China, and do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights; once discovered or submitted and verified by the right holder, the competition organizer will cancel their entry qualifications.

| Preliminary and semi-final review rules:
· Code: The judges will review according to the completion and perfection of the code;
· Degree of completion of the work: The judges will review the degree of completion of the work according to the final completion of the work Demo;
· Creativity: the novelty of the product, whether there are similar products? Is there any difference?
· Practicality: the practicality of the product in the industry;
· Demonstration: Whether the team’s display of the product is clear and organized;
· Influence: the scale of influence of the problem solved by the product;
· Technology: the technical difficulty required by the product;
· Design: product UI, user interface and user experience.

| Preliminary and semi-final review rules:
· Products: 30%
· Business model and implementation plan: 20%
· Market expectation: 25%
· Project team: 20%
· Financial analysis: 5%
· Total score: 100 points

03.05 —03.11 The contestants start to form a team and submit registration related materials to the organizer. The organizer will then review the team’s qualifications and complete the preliminary screening.
03.12—03.21 At the preliminary stage, the organizer notified each team of the qualifications and announced the competition questions. The team began to prepare works and product introduction materials, and submitted the code, Demo, demonstration video and product introduction materials to the organizer for selection before 24:00 on March 21st.
03.22—03.23 The judges made a preliminary review and selected the top 30. The organizer informs the top 30 teams of the qualifications and rematch time and rules.
03 . 24—03 . 31 In the semi-final stage, the top 30 teams optimized, iterated and perfected their works, and submitted optimized codes, demos, demonstration videos and product introduction materials before 24 o’clock on March 31st.
04.01—04.02 The judges reviewed the top 8 and the organizers announced the list of finalists and the time and rules of the final.
04 .03—04 .0 6 In the sprint stage, the top 8 contestants again optimized and iterated their works, improved the presentation materials, and submitted the final version of the code, Demo, demonstration video and product introduction materials to the organizer before 24:00 on April 6th. If the latest work is not submitted after this time, the previously submitted work shall prevail, and no information shall be temporarily submitted at the final site.
04—08Offline Finals 1. The team’s work explanation + Demo presentation (within 10 minutes); 2. The judges comment and ask questions, and the contestants respond (within 10 minutes). 3. The contestants draw additional questions to answer the questions on the spot, and the rest of the contestants will comment and supplement, and the judges will comprehensively comment and score(within 10 minutes); 4. According to the scores of each participating team, the top three and outstanding teams will be finally selected, and awards will be presented on site.

| Rewards:
First prize (1 winner): 15000 USDT
Second prize (1 winner): 7600 USDT
Third prize (1 winner): 3000 USDT
Excellent team (3 winners): 1000 USDT

| Highlights:
· The first community-based Polkadot hackathon. Promote the establishment of Polkadot developer ecology with the hands of developer communities;
·Full support from 50+ Polkadot concerned media and KOLs and their vertical docking of publicity resources;
· Subscript technical community, polkadot.club full support and assistance;
· The attention of a number of well-known investment institutions of Polkadot has been deeply cultivated, and at the same time, it can connect with one-stop fund, technology and community incubation support;
· Zero-distance contact with industry pioneer, investors, and access to top resources in the industry;
· One-to-one technical counseling to quickly achieve commercial landing;
· Polkadot ecological masters participated in the discussion, and the developers reviewed on-site guidance.
| Others:
· Recruiting 50 teams: According to the registration information submitted by the developers, they are admitted in the order of registration, and the deadline for registration is full;
· Registration contact information:
Submit personal or team information
①Online registration: https://jinshuju.net/f/YxRjvI
②Contact the hackathon assistant, WeChat ID (APOGRIT)

The registration for “JINSE Hackathon Polka Hackathon Contest” has been launched. Outstanding developers from all over the world are welcome to sign up. We are waiting for you on April 8th!

This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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