Participate in the Subscript language development experience and get a minimum of 10240 TBE rewards!

On April 16, Mr. Symon Ho, the founder of TrustBase, conducted a 3-hour 1V1 online AMA in the English community for the first time, and answered questions from TrustBase fans in detail.

In this event, Mr. Symon Ho said that he found on YouTube that a developer used the Subscript language to develop an ERC20 token in 3 minutes.

Mr. Symon Ho spoke highly of this, and sent the video link to the community to share with everyone, and immediately announced that the TrustBas Foundation would award 10240 TBEs to the developer.

Subscript is a lightweight WASM smart contract language independently developed by TrustBase. It uses the most commonly used TypeScript syntax in the development field, and completes the encapsulation of Substrate smart contracts inAssemblyScript, compatible with the WASM virtual machine. It is very simple and easy to use. Whether it is a web developer or a blockchain developer, you can get started quickly, and deploy native smart contracts that can run on Polkadot with one click.

As early as the beginning of January, the TrustBase CC1 testnet realized PoA consensus and WASM smart contract support, and provided WASM smart contract examples, which included the entire development process of ERC20 smart contracts. The RPC service is also launched synchronously, and Polkajs can be used to view block status, initiate transfers, deploy contracts, and send contract calls. All these deliverables can be found in the TrustBase column in Github, and developers all over the world are welcome to experience it!

TrustBase will also award outstanding developers with funds from the national treasury. According to the TrustBase Foundation selection criteria, all developers have the opportunity to receive a minimum of 10240 TBE rewards. If your work is excellent enough, you can directly be selected into the TrustBase Foundation project support plan to help you realize the project’s landing operation.

The access addresses of each section are as follows:

1)Github Code Repository:

2)Build RPC Server Access Address:wss://

3)WASM Smart Contract Example Address:

4)Front-end Browser Access Address:

5)Build the Developer Center Site Access Address:

6)Test Node Access Address:

7)Deploy Smart Contract Process Access Address:

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