Facing【Kusama Slot Auction Rules】, TrustBase’s preparation and strategy

On April 7th, the official website of Polkadot Advance Network Kusama are officially launched on the Parachain Slot Auction introduction page. The launch of the Kusama network parachain slot auction is approaching. TrustBase is also actively manage Kusama’s slot bidding.

According to the execution process of the Kusama slot auction, TrustBase has uploaded the parachain code, completed the test on the Rococo test network, and determined an auction strategy combining slot auction and verification node recruitment. Everything is ready, waiting for Kusama to officially launch the slot auction.

How do users participate in the TrustBase slot auction?

Method 1: Users can participate in the Crowdloan campaign in Kusama and pledge KSM to help TrustBase win the auction. When TrustBase wins the slot auction, users can get KSM rewards; when the slot rental period ends, users can unlock all KSM. If TrustBase fails to obtain the right to use the slot through the auction, the KSM pledged by the user will be unlocked and returned at the end of the campaign.

Method 2: In order to maximize the benefits of users, TrustBase combines validator nodes and slot auctions. We will conduct the Crowdloan campaign and users can pledge KSM through the TrustBase official website (https://trustbase.network/).

When TrustBase wins the slot auction, users can get KSM+TBE rewards; if TrustBase fails to pass the slot auction, users can get TBE rewards. At the same time, KSM unlocks and refunds KSM at the end of the campaign.

PS: The validator node entry on the official website will be opened soon, please pay attention to the official announcement.

During the event, statistics and rankings based on the amount of KSM pledged, the top 30 participants will become the first batch of TrustBase miner nodes. The first batch of verification node recruitment plan details can be viewed: https://basetrust.medium.com/about-trustbase-participating-in-ksm-slot-auction-what-you-need-to-know-b4e6ba22b22b

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