TrustBase Technology Update

1)Add support for Scale-codec encoding in the built-in type of Subscript;

2)Integrate the latest version of the Subscript core library in the CDT compiler;

3)Added the contract code related to state storage to the Subscript contract example;

4)Implementation of basic NFT contract code.

TrustBase Technology Update

1.Subscript upgraded the random number generation interface on the chain to support returning the generated random seed and the associated block height;

2. The contract deployment in Subscript has completed the adaptation to the latest contract runtime, and supports the simultaneous execution of contract deployment and instantiation;

3.Basic NFT contract code analysis and test adjustment.

Technology Update

1)Subscript upgraded the version of AssemblyScript and added support for the new version of AS syntax;

2)Subscript’s CDT compiler integrates compilation options such as compilation extensions and contract paths;

3)Subscript implements the state storage of the array type, and automatically completes the storage layout of the array container;

4)Arrange the liquidity pool — TrustBase Pool on HECO;

5)HT will be pledged (more asset pledges on HECO will be supported in the future) to obtain the circulation and trading of HTBE on HECO.

Community Building

Added Bangladesh community with a total number of more than 9900.

As of April 26, TrustBase has communities…

We are happy to announce two important news:

1. TrustBase has reached a cooperation with HECO, which will introduce high-quality Polkadot projects to the HECO ecosystem, increase HECO’s own traffic and asset deposits, and establish a high-quality development portal for the Polkadot project to open up the Chinese market.

2. TrustBase Grant has been formally established,Initiated by the Subscript technology community, supported by HECO ecological strategic cooperation, and funded by the TrustBase Foundation.

TrustBase Grant × HECO

HECO is a heavyweight new force in the public chain field. HECO has cutting-edge innovative projects and the blessing of Huobi ecology, and is in a stage…

After Kusama announced the launch of Parachain slot auctions on April 7, TrustBase began active preparations and formulated an auction strategy that combines slot auctions and verification node recruitment.

Today, Huobi Pool has officially become one of TrustBase’s first Super Verification Node, supporting TrustBase slot auctions and ecological development.

After the slot auction, Huobi Pool will continue to join the TrustBase network and run a verification node, responsible for verifying, generating blocks, transmitting, saving, and collecting the transmitted information, and can obtain the income of each dividend cycle, annualized income Expected 133%.

About Huobi Pool

As a sub-brand of Huobi Group, Huobi Pool…

1. How do ordinary users participate in TrustBase slot auctions?

Method 1: Users can participate in the Crowdloan campaign in Kusama and pledge KSM to help TrustBase win the auction. When TrustBase wins the slot auction, users can get KSM rewards; when the slot rental period ends, users can unlock all KSM. If TrustBase fails to obtain the right to use the slot through the auction, the KSM pledged by the user will be unlocked and returned at the end of the campaign.

Method 2: The user selects a node to pledge KSM on the TrustBase official website (,become a…

TrustBase technology update

1.Subscript adds the state storage of the mapping type, and implements the hash algorithm of the key.

2.Subscript adds the state storage interface of the array type, and adds the basic method implementation of the array operation.

Project Progress

1.Recruitment of TrustBase global verification nodes is underway.

Registration link:

2.TrustBase website announces verification node recruitment page


The founder of TrustBase, Symon Ho, conducted a one-on-one AMA for TrustBase fans in the English community, and answered a total of 45 questions in detail online.

According to official information from TrustBase, Gate Labs invested $2000,000 in TrustBase. TrustBase is a smart contract parachain based on independent developing language Subscript. With the infinite prospects of the underlying language of TrustBase itself, it is committed to jointly contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem.

TrustBase is based on the Substrate framework, which independently develops the Subscript smart contract language, supports a variety of tool plug-ins and the Polkadot parachain for smart contract applications. …

On April 16, Mr. Symon Ho, the founder of TrustBase, conducted a 3-hour 1V1 online AMA in the English community for the first time, and answered questions from TrustBase fans in detail.

In this event, Mr. Symon Ho said that he found on YouTube that a developer used the Subscript language to develop an ERC20 token in 3 minutes.

Mr. Symon Ho spoke highly of this, and sent the video link to the community to share with everyone, and immediately announced that the TrustBas Foundation would award 10240 TBEs to the developer.

Subscript is a lightweight WASM smart contract language…

We are happy to annouce that TrustBase announced a strategic investment in NFT platform Liquidifty, and intends to jointly build its ecology. Liquidifty will also develop related applications based on the Subscript language!

About TrustBase

TrustBase is a Polkadot parachain based on the Substrate framework that independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports a variety of tool plug-ins and smart contract applications. As an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has received the certification support from the Web3 Foundation Grant. …


This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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