Foreword: TrustBase, as an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, has attracted much attention since its inception. In order to let followers in China keep abreast of the progress and latest developments of the TrustBase project, the Chinese community publishes monthly project reports from time to time, so stay tuned!

Project Progress

TrustBase is optimizing the economic model and will be announced in mid-September. Currently, the technology is actively developing NFT and related products, and continues to explore the combination of Metaverse subdivisions and Web3.0, such as GameFi, mining and other products form.

At present, TrustBase empowers its own IP…

TrustBase’s first Metaverse exploration has come to a successful conclusion

The Metaverse airdrop event initiated by TrustBase lasted for 5 days and is now officially over! From the launch of the event, we took everyone to find Gorilla Matrix in the world of Cryptovoxels, guided everyone to take group photos, and finally participated in voting to select the most beautiful group photos.After three days of public voting, the Gorilla Matrix event finally selected the winners of the awards. The list of winners and awards will be announced next.

【Gorilla Matrix Strength Award】



Reward: 6666 TBE

【Gorilla Matrix Popularity Award】

The TrustBase Gorilla matrix event received enthusiastic participation from users at home and abroad, and the community received a total of about 7,000 Gorilla matrix group photos. Thanks to every user who participated in the event.

In order for everyone to experience the Metaverse ecology of TrustBase, a welfare airdrop event is now officially launched (poke me for details of the event).

1. Activity

Time: 20:00 on August 18, 2021 (SGT)

Cryptovoxels Coordinates,771N

Find Gorilla Matrix in the pop-up Fever building and leave a group photo, forward it to twitter, fill in the form to participate in the activity. The TrustBase community collected ten group photos, and the audience voted to select the best group photos.

2. Activity reward

Gorilla Matrix Strength Award: The highest number of votes in the entire network will be rewarded with 6666 TBE.

Gorilla Matrix…

The birth of Gorilla Matrix

Every members of the TrustBase community, do you remember this lovely Gorilla Matrix? Unconsciously, it has now become the most shining star in the NFT Metaverse.

TrustBase Metaverse Exploration

As early as February this year, TrustBase began to explore the field of NFT metaverse, and has now completed the analysis and testing of the basic NFT contract code. Kuba is an important role launched by TrustBase in the NFT field. …

“Metaverse” as a hot concept of igniting the crypto currency market, I want everyone to be unfamiliar. In order to enrich TBE token’s scenes, the TrustBase ecology is fully launched. In order to better develop the Metaverse ecology, TrustBase has been deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and will be open to everyone. At the same time, the economic plan for TrustBase is already preparing In, for the later holders constantly empowered.

Regarding the importance of “Metaverse”, we quoted the NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun’s elaboration: Metaverse is a virtual world connected to our lives, and the virtual world shared by…

TrustBase Technology Update

1) TrustBase synchronizes to the updated version of Substrate, and uses Pallet 3.0 to build the WASM contract runtime;

2) The runtime system of TrustBase adds the treasury and parliament modules to support the on-chain governance transactions of accounts;

TrustBase Technology Update

TrustBase NFT section

1.Complete the front-end prototype design and expand the back-end prototype design;

2.Complete platform front-end development display;

3.NFT contract development and testing, including NFT pool building;

4.Completed the development and design of NFT front-end demo based on Subscript language.

TrustBase Ecological Module

  1. Build Kusama parallel threads

Project Progress

Kusama opened its first slot auction on June 15th, and the parachain ID of TrustBase is 2078. Due to market considerations, we will bid for the Kusama slot after the third time.TrustBase has already launched a specific incentive plan, with a maximum of about 20 million TBE rewards, which can be released…

TrustBase technology update

1) TrustBase’s WASM smart contract is upgraded to the latest substrate version, and a new state lease contract interface has been added;

2) The standard contract library completes the ERC721 specification and adds the metadata reference standard for tokens;

3) Subscript’s CDT compiler has improved the compatibility support with the latest version of Substrate smart contract;

4) The development and deployment of single currency pledged mining HECO chain Dapp, Dapp qualitative and quantitative tests were successful, officially launched online mining;

5) Complete the design of the combination of the economic module of the NFT module and the business model, and…

We will finally meet with you tomorrow.

To Address:

Startup opening time: May 18, 2021 12:00–18:00 (UTC+8) (Orders valid within 6 hours will be treated equally)

Trading start: 20:00 on May 18, 2021 (UTC+8)

All this is just the beginning. Yesterday we announced that we will implement three major strategies:

1:to actively participate in the Kusama slot auction. During this period, users can not only operate on the chain, but also participate in the Crowdloan campaign through the official website to help TrustBase win the slot auction. All participating users can receive KSM+TBE rewards.

2:to establish a million-dollar…


This allows the TrustBase platform to deploy smart contract solutions that support the Polkadot ecology.

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